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Tourist Information

Unfortunately there are no physical tourist information where you can walk in from the streets and ask for turistinformation as you know it from the rest of the world, neither in Kangerlussuaq or Sisimiut. Both the local and national public authorities have decided only to have a digital touristinformation. So when you get to Kangerlussuaq or Sisimiut, it is wery important to search the internet for possiblities before you leave home. There are few private operators with their own "turist"office, that have limited promotion of touristinformation, but it is ofcourse not a 100% objective, because they want to sell their own products.

Kangerlussuaq Youth Hostel naturally also have interests in selling our snowmobile tours ;) tjek www.sse.gl But we also support objective, but limited tourist information from the tour operaters who are interested. That is done here on the webpage, under "Tours and touropreators", and by posters in the youth hostel itself. We dont act as middleman, and dont take percentage, all tours are booked and bought directly at the touroperator.

We can ofcourse not make any gurante for the touropreators, because we dont sell the tours, but we only advertice for them we trust ourselfes.

The national digital touristinformation is found on www.greenland.com and covers all of Greenland, and is a super website, and it havewon the Webby Awards here in 2012, the oscar of the web.

For Qeqqata Kommunia, Maniitsoq, Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq and the smaller settlements, you can find the local touristinformation on www.arcticcircle.gl and is also quite new and wery fine.