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The Facilities

The hostel consists of 3 double rooms, 2 luxury doublerooms, and a dorm with partition between beds for 2/4/6 people. And a big dorm for 30 persons.

We got room for 76 people under normal circumstances.

There are shared kitchen and diningroom, where you can cook and dine. There are all normal kitchen equipment.

Our two luxury doublerooms share a kitchen, livingroom and bathroom, that other guests cant use. So if you rent both lux doublerooms you got it all as private. When you rent both rooms you can also rent the two extra beds in the livingroom so you can be 6 persons in all. But you cant rent the beds in the livingroom if you only rent one luxury room.

There is TV in the big living room, the doublerooms and the Apartment, you can watch DR1+2, KNR and Ramasjang.

There is free internet.

There is shower and bath, each in their own lockable room.

We have washingmashines to wash your clothes, but only when we got time, and in daytime. But there is a much cheaper laundry next door.












Corridor at small dorms.


Small dorms


Big dorm


Luxury doublerooms, with livingroom, kitchen and bathroom.