Kangerlussuaq Youth Hostel


Russel Glacier

All excursions is by car with room for 4 persons, and there have to be minimum 2 persons for us to do the tour.

There is no fixed departure times, so its what we agree on at booking. We dont have any fixed stops either, so we can stop when we see animals or nice sites to photograph etc.

No matter the time of year remember warm and windproff clothes, since it can be cold in there.

Vi cant do theres tours all year, due to other activities. Here in 2024 vi can do the tours in april-may-june and in november and december.


Excursion to Russel Glacier, price pr person 650,- dk/kr:

We drive about 1 hour to where the walking trail starts, and walk up/down to the glacier, where there is abour 30 min walking each way. We stop at a safe distance, from where you can look up at the glacier wall, but we cant get up on the ice here. The tour takes normally about 3-4 hours.


Excursion to point 660, price pr person 650,- dk/kr:

We drive about 1,5 hour to where the walking trail starts, takes about 15 minutes each way, but the trail here is really rugged and full of stones. Here we go up on the glacier, but stays in the outer edge  where the ice is safe and without crevasses, here is no glacier wall because we are up on the ice. The tour takes normally about 4-5 hours.


Combo excuraions to both Russel and pkt 660, price pr person 950,- dk/kr:

We go to both sites, normally about 5-7 hours.


Dropoff or pickup at the walkingtrail at Kellyvile, 400,- for the car no matter if its full or not. Max 4 persons.