Prices 2024

From 2023 our dorm prices is not included sheets/linen, it sonly for the bed. Then you can add. bedsheet or the full sheets/linen package as a one time payment for th ewhole period, or just rent the bedsheet. That means that a bed in a shared room with sheet and linen will be 350,- the first night (275 + 75), and just 275 the e nights thereafter.

1 person pr night in shared room, small dorms 4-6 persons.                    kr. 275,-

1 person pr night i big dorm, 30 persons. In own sleepingbag only.          kr. 225,-

1 person daytime stay without stay overnight.      (12.00 - 20.00)           kr. 100,-

Bedsheet rental for the whole stay (mandatory in small dorms)               kr.   25,-

Full sheets/linen package for the whole stay                                           kr.   75,-

Double room with sheets and linen                                                        kr. 750,-

Luxury double room.                                                                             kr. 950,-

Extra bed in livingroom when renting both lux rooms, pr bed.                   kr. 250,-    (with sheets and linen)                                       

Towel rent.                                                                                           kr.  15,-

Chekin 20.00 to 23.00 one time fee                                                        kr 250,-

Chekin after 23.00 one time fee                                                             kr. 500,-

We accept Dankort and cash. We also takes most other creditcard like mastercard, but there is a 5% fee on those.

There is a cashmashine in the airport terminal