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The best and cheapest accommodation in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, from only 200,- dk/kr a night.
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Vi accepterer fortsat ikke berusede eller fulde folk, ligesom rygning er forbudt. Hvis man er fuld eller ryger indenfor kan man ikke bo hos os.
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Will you try to make a reindeer or musk-ox roast here, or have a piece of meat home  to invite the family on an exotic dinner, then you can buy meat here. You can bring up to 10 kg of meat in your luggage to Denmark, and if you wrap it in your clothes etc. it will keep frozen until you arrive.

The animals are shot, prepared, vacuum packed and date labeld by professionel hunter Erik Lomholt-Bek. The meat is not vet checked, but where it is a matter of trust between the hunter and the buyer. Seller is therefore Erik Lomholt-Bek as a hunter, and not Kangerlussuaq Youth Hostel as a company.

The meat is in packets from about 1-5 kg. All the meat is from prima animals.

Because the meat is vacuum packed it has a durability of two years.

Normally i have this on store in Kangerlussuaq:


Back fillet, boneless                            200,- pr kg (small pack under 1 kg)

Venison, boneless                               160,- pr kg (round/rump/baglegs)

Venison                                              110,- pr kg (round/rump/baglegs)

Shoulder                                              85,- pr kg (chuck/forelegs)

Back roast, mid part                              95,- pr kg

Back roast, for anf bag part                    85,- pr kg

Neck                                                     65,- pr kg

Ribs                                                      25,- pr kg

Breastbone/shank                                  25,- pr kg


At Kangerlussuaq Youth Hostel, tlf. +299 589897

Erik Lomholt-Bek at +299 522514